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This is our podcast where we analyze TV. We love to dive deep into our favorite shows and analyze them. Instead of episode by episode recaps, we split it up by topic, so we can explore themes that stretch across an entire season or series. Deep dives are usually posted on Thursdays.

On Tuesdays, we host a weekly TV Roundup where we chat about what we watched that week and do spoiler-free previews.

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Sex, Rock 'n' Roll, and Openly Expressing Your Feelings

Friday July 6, 2018 | Download episode

We explain FLCL S1's perspective on sexuality and what it means to be an adult, looking at adult role models and the arcs of Ninamori and Naota. Shawn revisits the Magic Pixie Dream Girl trope as applied to FLCL. Then, we discuss what we thought about episode 1 of season 2 and our hopes and dreams for future episodes.



Eye Stab You, You Stab Me, We're a Shogun Family

Friday May 25, 2018 | Download episode

Jason and Shawn give some takes on Shogun World, discussing motherhood, doppelgangers, and whether Delores is a big bad or a good leader. We also nitpick cortical fluid. Then, we do a new segment that we're temporarily calling trailer roundup (19:02), where we watch the trailers for some new shows and decide whether we're enticed or not. We take a non-spoiler look at: Arrested Development S5, GLOW S2, Killing Eve, FLCL S2/S3, and Cobra Kai.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

Westworld S2 E4 and Silicon Valley S5 Analysis

Friday May 18, 2018 | Download episode

Shawn and Jason talk about why they loved episode 4 of Westworld (00:21), discussing how the stories were more focused and how deep it was philosophically. Then, they give their thoughts on the recently completed Silicon Valley season 5 (21:55), including how the show stays relevant and the extent of Richard's a**holeness.

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We post high quality short video analysis and silly mashups on Instagram. Here's a few of our latest videos:

“How to Survive Game of Thrones” by Jon Snow 😂 ➖ #gots7 #beadragon #kitharington #gotseason7 #demthrones #gotmemes #emiliaclarke #jonsnow #youknownothingjonsnow #jontargaryen #targaryen #dragon #drogon #daenerystargaryen #jonerys #gots7e6 #whitewalkers #dragonstone #thronesyall #gameofthronesfamily #got7 #drogonfly

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The start of “Loot Train Attack” reminded us of the cavalry charge from LOTR’s Battle of Helm’s Deep. Particularly the shots of the defensive spear formations and Dany / Gandalf’s opening assault…pretty cool to watch side by side! 💯 ➖ #gots7 #loottrainattack #lotr #thetwotowers #gandalf #flyyoufools #lordoftherings #gameofthrones #gaemofthrones #danytargaryen #daenerys #targaryen #dothraki #cavalrycharge #lotr2 #helmsdeep #lannister #thespoilsofwar #khaleesi #gotseason7 #gandalfthewhite

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