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The OA - Ending Explained

Friday August 25, 2017 | Download episode

So you've finished The OA... What was that ending? What really happened? Jason and Shawn parse through it, debating the relative merits of more mystical and less mystical interpretations. Has The OA been telling the truth or not? What powers do the movements have? We give our take on what really happened at the end, based on evidence from the entire season.


1 year ago today, #StrangerThings introduced us to The Upside Down. A cool easter egg: the beginning scene where Will Byers first encounters the Demogorgon can be seen playing in the background of episode 4 of The OA. Both shows were greenlit by Netflix at the same time, and their creators are good friends — according to Zal Batmanglij (The OA), during production they would eat at a Mexican restaurant once a month and “commiserate over whether we had bitten off more than we could chew.” Definitely not, both are fantastic! . @strangerthingstv @netflix @the_oa #theupsidedown #theoa #netflix #strangerthingsedit #strangerthingstv #willbyers #britmarling #milliebobbybrown #dufferbros

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The quote at the end had us like 😮 #theOA #princessmononoke

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As Praire ponders the pronunciation of her mysterious new name, she receives guidance from another dimension... #imtheOA #aue #mashupmultiverse

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OAtheist or true disciple? We chart each character's faith following French's cardinal discovery of the 📚s! @britmarling @brandonperea #booksofrevelation #OAtheism

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