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Legion Season 2 Ep 1-5 Check-In

Friday May 4, 2018 | Download episode

After a long hiatus, the podcast is back! We discuss (with spoilers) Legion season 2 at the halfway-ish point, from episode 1 through 5. Shawn also tries to convince Jason to give Netflix's Aggretsuko a watch (no spoilers).



Westworld S2 Episodes 1-3 and Legion S2 Episode 6 Analysis

Friday May 11, 2018 | Download episode

Jason and Shawn give their broad thoughts on Westworld as a whole (0:46), and then give more specific thoughts about story structure, the nature of consciousness, and conflicts between main characters (3:42). In the second part of the show, we take on a confusing episode (aren't they all though?) of Legion (23:55). First, we unpack the many worlds in the episode, and then ponder what it means thematically, talking about grief and the limits of David's powers.


Fascinating tidbit about Legion’s “Bolero” sequence (the silent film scene with background orchestral music)! Noah Hawley revealed that the song was specifically chosen because the composer Maurice Ravel had a mental illness himself...which is why it's so repetitive. . If you haven’t watched it yet, you totally should because it’s unlike any other superhero show on TV. Aubrey Plaza slays…and the deliberately confusing editing / visuals do a great job of putting you in the mutants’ psyche. . . #Legion #AubreyPlaza #Bolero #ravel #LegionFX #shadowking #xmen #marvel #comiccon #comicon #noahhawley #davidhaller #oliverbird #jemaineclement #mutants

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Legion x Adventure Time mashup. Magic! 🌈✨ #magicmen #mashup #adventuretime

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As we rewatch Legion, we're surprised by how many instances of red are subtly woven throughout the first half of the season. Red is prominent in most scenes featuring the Shadow King's sinister power...but also shows up in a few places you might not have noticed... 🎾🍭📕🔌🍓🍒 #legionfx

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Video Discussions

Blurred and Confused

Legion wants us to empathize with David's state of confusion. We explain some of the techniques Legion uses to induce this confusion.

Oliver's Stories

When you first watch Oliver telling stories, you don't even know who he is, let alone the symbolic meaning of the stories. We revisit these stories after watching the entire season and try to deduce their meanings.

Comics vs. Show

What's the deal with those silver balls? Where does the name Legion come from? Who is David's dad? Our newly-minted resident comic expert, Jason, is here to provide some answers.

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